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Pilot Green Transport Fund application brief‭.‬

The transport sector‭, ‬including road and marine transport‭, ‬was the second largest air pollution source in Hong Kong in 2010‭. ‬It‭ ‬accounted for about 57%‭ ‬of the local respirable suspended particulates‭, ‬62%‭ ‬of nitrogen oxides and 48%‭ ‬of sulphur dioxide‭. ‬The sector is also responsible for about 17%‭ ‬of local greenhouse gas emissions‭.


‬The exhaust emissions of motor vehicles are also the‭ ‬main cause of roadside air pollution‭. ‬To help improve roadside air quality and reduce carbon emissions‭, ‬thereby helping to avert‭ ‬global climate change‭, ‬the Government has put in place a‭ $‬300‭ ‬million Pilot Green Transport Fund to subsidise the testing of green innovative technologies applicable to the public transport sector and goods vehicles‭.‬

Application Process

  1. Applicant should submit all essential documents according in the application form toPilot Green Transport Fund steering committee‭ ;‬

  2. Application assessment and confirm subsidy agreement ‭;‬

  3. Applicant should do the Tender Invitation for Provision of Subsidized Products and tendering to all available supplier in Hong Kong‭ ‭;‬

  4. Applicant complete the procurement process with suppliers‭;

  5. Complete the vehicle trail agreement with EPD‭.‬

Application timeline

The Steering Committee generally holds meetings at a quarterly interval, depending on the status and number of applications received.



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