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DFSK has evolved into a Global Company with internationally recognized Standards. Now present in Hong Kong with the latest electric vehicle products and technologies that are believed to be able to compete in the tight competition in the automotive market in Hong Kong.

Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK), also known as Dongfeng Xiaokang (东风小康) in Chinese, is a joint venture between Dongfeng and Chongqing Sokon Industry Group Co Ltd., formed on June 27th, 2003.


The EC35 is an electric light goods vehicle. The design is based on the very successful petrol vehicle DFSK "C" series. lnstalled with the latest electric power technalogy, the EC35 is an ideal choice for your transportation needs. As your local dealer, we are committed to providing the most sustainable solution for the complete lifecycle of electric transportation vehicles in Hong Kong. We are proactively engaged in working with licensed battery disposal specialists and various other energy storage companies for the retired battery recycle. We are continuously innovating to provide the most environmentally friendly total solution for our society, from manufacture, maintenance to recycle and disposal. Together, alongside government policies and incentives, we seek to support our Hong Kong customers by providing quality-assured electric light goods vehicles to ultimately achieve our zero emission transportation goals.

DFSK produces microvans, flat-bed commercial trucks and passenger vehicles under the Dongfeng Fengguang brand. Manufacturing for DFSK takes place in a total of four different facilities, two of which are located in Hubei Shiyan and two in Chongqing. The brand is associated with the Dongfeng logo in markets such as Peru, Switzerland and the United Kingdom where subsidiary Dongfeng Sokon uses the name as a trademark in conjunction with the red, dual-sparrows logo.  



DFSK 銷售熱缐 :6855 2596

DFSK 聯絡電話 :2868 2729

DFSK 傳真號碼 :2475 4339

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